Enjoy. Storing. Creativity.


- Store creativity instead of paper
- Keep track of all the beautiful creative things your kids make without stacking your storage.
- See both the art & skills of your kid(s) evolve over time.

Save creative works

Drawings. Crafts. Art. Take photos and save them along with info like the picture date, creation date and age of the little artist.

Multiple kids? We got you covert

You can store the images for multiple people. Create multiple personas and select who created the latest art work.

Keep track

All images are saved by date and can be tagged. Scroll the timeline to see how their work gets more and more creative & inspiring over time.

Creative minds keep growing

Grow your collection

By collecting the creations for your kid(s), you get a beautiful timeline that acts as a showcase for their growth.
From the scribbles in their youngest years to the art they will create later on.

Little artisans behold

Mark their best

By adding tags and marking items as favourite, you can quickly find their most creative pieces in a whim.

A word from the maker

The story behind Koppie.app

Being a father of three kids myself, seeing all those drawings and crafts emerge from the minds of those beautiful little minds really astonished me. But as they got older, I couldn't keep up with the amount of creations and had to choose which ones to keep and which ones to send off to recycling.After years of thinking about how digitalization could aid in saving all those beautiful creations, I finally got around to make Koppie.app. Although it sounds cliché, I really found out that creating something you need yourself is what helps most to turn an idea into a nice & useful solution.I think you're going to enjoy Koppie.app and really going to like how you're going to collect all those beautiful creations from your kids to enjoy together with them for many years to come.Enjoy. Storing. Creativity.Edwin Klesman - maker of Koppie.app


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Pay monthly, and get all the functionality to keep creativity stored safely.

  • Store high quality photos

  • Start with 50 Gigabytes of space*

  • Easily upload, tag and find creations

  • Create up to 5 personalised personas

  • Track creativity per person, by age ,and throughout time


More info $oon

When you pay yearly, you get

  • All the benefits of a monthly subscription

  • Share your kids' creations with family & friends

  • Get more customizations for your personas

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